17 March 2010, Wednesday, 13:01

Schoolchildren from Bashkortostan to participate in All-Russia My First Motherland Contest

author: Elmira Sabirova

Arthur Andreev and Liliya Ilyushkina from Children's Activity Centre of Chishmy region reached the final of the All-Russia My First Motherland Contest. It will take place on April 1-21 in Orlyonok Children's Recreation Camp (Krasnodar Territory).

Having become the winners of the regional round the children sent their projects to the extramural round to Moscow and were invited to participate in the final. The young researches will present their projects in "Immaterial Culture" category. Arthur will tell about traditions of an old Mordvinian holiday, and Lilia will defend a project named "Traditional Bashkir ornaments and modern age".

The program of the forum includes the work of children's creative groups, leisure and cultural events, educational end research activities.

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