17 March 2010, Wednesday, 11:56

The cost of the minimal set of foodstuffs

author: Elvira Latypova

The cost of the minimal set of foodstuffs in Bashkortostan in February made 1968,83 rubles, the Bashkir State Statistics Committee reports.

In 14 Russian regions of 83 the basket of foods is cheaper than in Bashkortostan. In five Russian regions – Tambov, Orenburg, Saratov, Ulyanovsk regions and in Tatarstan the cost of the minimal food set is lower than 1900 rubles. The average cost of the most frugal subsistence in Russia in February was 2240,67 rubles.

The maximal price of the average statistical set of foods in the country is registered in Chukot autonomous region – 6400,22 rubles. The basket of foods costs more than four thousand rubles in Nenets autonomous region and in Magadan region. In seven regions the set of foods costs between three and four thousand rubles.

When analyzing the prices the statisticians take the norms of food consumption, counting on different categories of population — able-bodied men and women, pensioners and children of different age – as the basis. The basket of foods consists of 11 categories of foods, including bread and bakeries, vegetables, fruits, confectionaries, meat and fish, milk and milk products etc.