16 March 2010, Tuesday, 18:54

Bashkir parliamentarians intend to stand for their right to the lakes

author: Sergey Zakharov

The deputies of the State Council RB intend to reach the decision that the lakes, found on the territory of Bashkortostan, would be delivered for its property and for that they prepared the amendments to the article 8 of the Russian Water Code and intended to direct these amendments to the Russian State Duma.

As the chairman of the committee for agrarian issues, ecology and nature management Franis Saifullin reported, in accordance with the active legislation “all water reservoirs, including rivers and lakes, are found in the federal property”. There are more than two thousand lakes on the territory RB but just few of these lakes are granted on lease and the majority remains ownerless. As a result these lakes become shallow and dirty but at that the federal budget doesn’t allocate even a kopeck for the maintenance of these reservoirs. As the deputies believe, carrying of the lakes over will favorably influence upon local ecology and will help to resolve this legal collision.

themes: law-making