16 March 2010, Tuesday, 11:55

The conference of Bashkir public center “Salavat” to be held in Izhevsk

author: Marina Shumilova

The portback election conference of the Bashkir public center “SALAVAT” will be held in Izhevsk (Udmurtia) today. The director of the Public Fund by Achmet-Zaki Validi, a member of the World Bashkir Congress (Kurultay) executive committee Altaf Gaifullin represents Republic of Bashkortostan there. The conference will be held with the participation of the representatives of Udmurtia’s Presidential Administration, Udmurt Republic’s Ministry of national policy and the delegation of Bashkirs from Yanaulsky region RB.

Delegates of the conference intend to discuss the course of preparations for the III World Bashkir Congress, appointed on June, 2010, in the capital RB — Ufa.

According to the all-Russian population census-2002 more than four thousand Bashkirs live in Udmurtia. The Bashkir public center “SALAVAT” was established in Udmurtia in 1998. Its activity is aimed at preservation and development of Bashkir culture and growth of national self-consciousness of Udmurt Bashkirs and at their consolidation. The Bashkir center “SALAVAT” is the traditional initiator of the Days of Bashkir culture in Udmurtia.