10 March 2010, Wednesday, 18:11

Collection of documents “Islam and Muslims if South Ural in historical-legal space of Russia”

author: Marina Shumilova | photo: Oleg Yarovikov

The collection of documents “Islam and Muslims of South Ural in the historical-legal space of Russia” is published in Bashkortostan and the director of the Institute of ethnologic investigations RB, Doctor of historical sciences Aislu Unusova is its author and compiler.

The collection includes the list of the legal norms, regulating the status of Muslims and Muslim religious organizations in Russia for the last 100 years. These materials characterize the main stages in development of the Russian religious legislation and reconstruct the picture of real position of Russian Muslims in the period of the political repressions in the second half of the XX century.

The collection includes the materials of the Russian State Archive, the Central State Historical Archive and the Central State Archive of public organizations RB, the newest history Documentation Center of Orenburg region, governmental, public and religious archives. The majority of these documents are published for the first time.