09 March 2010, Tuesday, 16:55

Uri Poroshin: “The Message of President RB will give an incentive to development of industry”

author: Rasul Hamidullin

“The Message of President RB “Further modernization of Bashkortostan is the way to prosperity in the XXI century” contains several points, important for our industry, and first of all this is the efficiency of anti-crisis measures. The support of Bashkir leadership in crediting has helped the Ufa aggregate production association to avoid the slump in production and even to increase its output volumes, as compared with 2008” – the General Director of the federal state unitary enterprise “UAPO” Uri Poroshin said – “The second important point is modernization of our system-forming enterprises and it is good that new investment projects are developed in many branches of industry today and its scientific-technical potential is steadily strengthened”.

“UAPO” is developing” – Uri Poroshin added – “We’ve worked up the program for making the centers of the key technological competences. It means we consolidate our work in the most important directions, orienting ourselves to the wide usage of high technologies and designing, manufacturing and technical maintenance of electrical aggregates and electronic systems for aviation industry is one of such directions. We do hope this program will contribute to “UAPO” achievement of the international level. The Message of President RB has to give an incentive to development of our industry and we’ll do everything possible to make our contribution to this common business” – the General Director of “UAPO” concluded.