05 March 2010, Friday, 12:13

Government RB lowers maximal extra charges on medicines

author: Nina Nikandrova

The maximal wholesale and retail extra charges on the life-saving and the most important medications in the Republican drugstore network will be lowered beginning from the middle of March. The Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev has signed the corresponding decree.

The first restriction of the extra charges was set by the Republican Government at the beginning of 2009. Thereby the sum of the maximally possible extra charges on medicines and medical wares was reduced by 10%: the wholesale extra charge made 20% and the retail one – 35%. The extra charge on drug, psychotropic substances and precursors will make 30 and 50% correspondingly.

The list of the life-saving and the vitally important medicines includes about five thousand sorts of medications.

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