04 March 2010, Thursday, 11:59

Bashkir rescuers figure on priests

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

In opinion of Bashkir rescuers Christian priests may become useful in prevention of fire cases and the Russian Emergencies Ministry Directorate in RB appealed to Ufa eparchy with the corresponding request.

The rescuers ask the Archbishop of Ufa and Sterlitamac Nikon to attract the priests to prevention of fire cases by means of talks with their parishioners concerning observation of fire safety rules in everyday life. In opinion of the rescuers the work of the priests with people, inclined to alcoholism, i.e. keeping the asocial way of living, and with the families, having small kids, can become especially efficient because it is no secret these categories of people are often found in the risk group when the problem with fires arises – the fires occur in their homes the most often.

The Christian priests are ready to cooperate with the rescuers (they have already received the instructions how one can teach people to avoid an ignition and how to save their lives and lives of other people in case the fire occurred nonetheless) and to hold the corresponding talks with the parish.

themes: religion, fires