01 March 2010, Monday, 11:23

The secondary housing market of Ufa: + other 0,2% for the last week

author: Elvira Latypova

The prices in the Ufa secondary housing market have grown up by 0,2% for the last week. Now one square meter of housing in the city costs 41,23 thousand rubles. This is the average index on all types of flats.

At present time the one-room flats are offered in Ufa at 44 thousand rubles for one square meter, two-room flats – at 40,72 and three-room ones – at 38,8 thousand rubles. The flats with many rooms (more than three) are offered at 40,95 thousand rubles for one square meter on average. The elite dwelling is much more expensive – 61,1 thousand rubles for one meter but it isn’t taken into account when analyzing the dwelling prices.

But the analysts say that the abovementioned prices are the initial prices of the sellers and in the course of bargaining the prices drop by 5-10% as a rule. The index of Ufa dwelling yield is equal to minus 8,0 bank deposits, the market index of hypothec crediting is equal to 12,5% of interest per annum and the index of hypothec credit availability is 0,4.

For today the cheapest flat in Ufa is offered at 1,1 million rubles (the area is 35 square meters). The most expensive flat in the center of the city is displayed for sale at 20 million rubles (150 square meters, five rooms).

The most expensive cottage is offered at 23 million rubles (490 square meters plus the privatized 12-hundred-part lot).

themes: realty, prices