01 March 2010, Monday, 10:04

Regional Bashkir congress has taken place in Argayash

author: news-agency "Bashinform"

The regional Bashkir congress has taken place in Argayash, Chelyabinsk region.

The problems of Bashkir language’s teaching at local schools, supplying of local libraries with Bashkir literature and participation in the forthcoming all-Russian population census have been considered by the participants of the forum.

200 delegates have taken part in work of the forum and the guests from Salavatsky region of Bashkortostan were present there as well as the permanent representative RB in Chelyabinsk region Muchamatulla Khafizov and the deputy chairman of Chelyabinsk regional Bashkir kurultay (congress) Fluza Gaisina. The congress has approved the resolution concerning restoration of Bashkir culture, language, spirituality and traditions of Bashkir language. 50 delegates to the seventh Bashkir Congress in Chelyabinsk region, appointed on March 20, have been elected. The participants of the forthcoming forum have to elect the delegates to the III World Bashkir Kurultay, which is to be held in Ufa in summer 2010.