27 February 2010, Saturday, 16:58

State support of families, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood is one of the key priorities in social policy RB

author: Elena Makushina

State support of family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood remains one of the key priorities in the Republican social policy and families with many kids are found under special care of the state. In 2009 23 thousand families with many children have received the measures of state support in accordance with the law “State support of families with many children in Republic of Bashkortostan” for the total sum 148,5 million rubles. Nearly 4,7 thousand mothers with many kids are rewarded with the medal “Motherhood Glory”, including 534 in 2009. Since 2001 54 families, having nine and more minors, have received the microvans “Gazelle”, including 18 in 2009.

In spite of the objective difficulties the Republic undertakes new social obligations with respect to the families with many children. Thus, since the last year the families, having five and more kids, may receive special housing certificates, giving the right for obtaining of the social payment, meant for dwelling acquisition. In 2009 28 such families have received the housing certificates for the sum of 60,9 million rubles.

Payment of the aids also plays very important role in the system of state support for the families with many children. In 2009 the volume of the means, paid by the territorial divisions of the Ministry of labor and population social protection RB from the different sources of funding to the families, having many kids, made 2,6 billion rubles, the Ministry reports.