19 February 2010, Friday, 16:32

The minimal set of foods in Bashkortostan costs 1932,4 rubles

author: Galya Nabieva

The cost of the minimal set of foodstuffs in Bashkortostan in January made 1932 rubles 40 kopecks. The cost of the main Republican basket of foods is lower than the average Russian index, equal to 2192,72 rubles in January, the Bashkir State Statistics reports.

Thus, one kilogram of wheat flour in January cost 16,02 rubles in the Republic on average, rye bread – 23 rubles, wheat bread and bakeries – 22,83 rubles for one kilogram.

The cost of the main cereals, included into the minimal set of foods is the following: one kilogram of rice costs 38,21 rubles, millet – 16,18, haricot and peas – 18,5 rubles. One kilogram of vermicelli costs 28 rubles 55 kopecks.

The prices for vegetables are the following: potato – 13,98 rubles for one kg, cabbage – 14,84 rubles, onion – 18,86, carrot – 16,79, fresh cucumbers – 98,69, apples – 53,76 rubles and granulated sugar – 34,31 (January prices).

The cost of one kilogram of beef – 168,19 rubles (except the boneless meat) and one kilogram of pork is equal to 164,27 rubles. Mutton is much more expensive – 204,36 rubles.

The minimal set of foodstuffs also includes chicken meat, frozen fish, salted herring, milk, sour cream, butter, cottage cheese, cheeses, chicken eggs, sunflower oil, margarine, caramel, biscuit, salt, tea and pepper – 33 items in a whole.