19 February 2010, Friday, 12:00

The emblem of the Republic Year is determined in Bashkortostan

author: Alfia Agliullina

The press, publishing and polygraphy dept under Government RB summed up the totals of the contest for the best symbol of the Republic Year in Bashkortostan. The work of Airat Teregulov – honorable painter RB, a member of the Union of Painters RB – is admitted the best.

The emblem represents the saltwort inflorescence, surrounded by the legend “The Republic Year” in two state languages of Bashkortostan. The date of adoption of the State Sovereignty Declaration RB (1990) and the Republic Year date (2010) are present too.

According to the author of the emblem “the circle symbolizes stability, calmness and steadiness and the saltwort’s inflorescence inside it stands for prosperous Bashkortostan”. The emblem will become the main identification and representative sign of the Republic Year in Bashkortostan.

themes: symbolism