18 February 2010, Thursday, 18:45

Benzene rises in price in Tatarstan

author: news-agency "Bashinform"

At the beginning of this week the prices for the benzene A-76 in Tatarstan grew up by 0,5%, making 18,83 rubles for one liter, AI-93,02 – by 2% (19,2 rubles for one liter) and AI-95 – by 0,7% (22,04 rubles for one liter), the news-agency “Tatar-Inform” reports.

Diesel prices in Kazan grew up by 2,8% — up to 18,26 rubles for one liter. Benzene and diesel fuel prices in Ufa, Samara, Kirov, Penza, Saratov and Perm still remain unchanged.

The maximal average price for the benzene A-76 (19,50 rubles for one liter) is registered in Kirov and for the benzenes AI-92,93 (21,74 rubles for one liter), AI-95 (23,69 rubles) and diesel fuel (19,67 rubles) – in Nizhniy Novgorod.

The minimal prices for A-76 (17,58 rubles) and AI-95 (21,95 rubles) are registered in Penza, for AI-93,92 (19,20 rubles) – in Kazan and for diesel fuel (18,04 rubles) – in Samara.

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