17 February 2010, Wednesday, 14:07

Archbishop Nikon has taken part in the archbishop’s council in Moscow

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The Archbishop of Ufa and Sterlitamac Nikon has taken part in the archbishop’s council, held in Moscow by the Patriarch of Moscow and Russia Cyril. More than 150 spiritual leaders of Moscow Patriarchy gathered to take part in the gathering.

The unity of the Russian Orthodox Church and the work on restoration of churches, monasteries and theological seminaries all over the country were the key topics of the gathering. According to the Patriarch, this work is actively carried on in the regions during last 20 years.

Publication of religious literature and the state of religious education in the country aroused high interest of the clergy. In opinion of the majority of the priests the selection and training of tutors should be done more thoroughly and such subject as the basics of religious culture should be introduced to Russian schools and higher education institutions.

The Archbishop Nikon supported the opinion of the Patriarch that the church should pay more attention to work with youth and from this point of view the ability of the priests to bring real Christian values to younger generation becomes especially important.

The topics concerning the informational policy, conducted by the Russian Christian Church and restoration of the institute of military clergy were discussed separately.

themes: religion