16 February 2010, Tuesday, 14:56

“Vityaz” from Ishimbay puts the novelty on sale – the universal drilling complex

author: Lubov Kolokolova

JSC “Machine-building company “VITYAZ”(Ishimbay) designed and mastered production of the universal drilling complex on the base of the two-module caterpillar transporter “DT-30PC-1”, able to work in the severest climatic conditions, i.e. under impassibility of roads, in swampy and forest lands, in snowy deserts etc. The machine is able to work under the temperatures from + 400 to -500C.

The news-service of Ministry of industry and external economic relations RB reports the universal drilling complex is meant for drilling of wells in permafrost zone as well as on the lands with high content of moisture. The drilling depth can reach 6 meters. The machine can be used in construction of pile foundations of buildings, bridges, power transmission lines and gas and oil pipelines. The complex possesses very high carrying capacity and tonnage with very high indices of cross-country ability and mobility in especially difficult road and climatic conditions. It can be demanded in oil-gas branch as well as in power-engineering, building and other branches of industry.

themes: industry