15 February 2010, Monday, 15:22

MDM Bank is one of the strongest bank brands in the world

author: Elvira Latypova

The influential British journal “The Banker” published the rate of 500 largest bank world brands jointly with the consulting company “Brand Finance”.

“MDM Bank” is included into the rate for the first time. The bank occupies the 237th position now among the leading bank world brands and estimated at 429 million dollars with the rate “A” (strong). In a whole nine Russian banks are included into the list of the most expensive and influential brands, including the Russian Savings Bank, VTB, “Russian Standard”, “Moscow Bank” and some others.

The British HSBS holds the first line in the rate for the third year successively. The bank is given the “AAA” rate (extraordinary strong) and estimated at 28,4 billion dollars.

The method of determination of significance and cost of the bank brands includes the assessment of the dynamics in bank capitalization, the financial indices in 2009 and the attitude of the users to the bank. Besides, the journal published the forecast for the nearest five years (2010-2014) taking the bank specifics into account: the market share and profitability, the presence in the key regions and the brand’s stability.

themes: banks, rates