15 February 2010, Monday, 10:40

Rail Sarbaev: “The first payment for agricultural machinery for private farmings is to be 10%”

author: Michael Sytin

The Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev signed the decree about allocation of means for acquisition of agricultural machines by private auxiliary farmings.

Rail Sarbaev said about the necessity to support small private farmings still in autumn last year. During the news-conference on January 22 he determined the parameters of one of the constituent parts of the program “Private farmsteads” – sales of agricultural machinery for small farmings by installments.

“The primary payment has to be within the limits of 10% with the payment adjoining up to ten years” – the Prime-Minister determined – “For instance, the most popular tractor “Belarus” costs 711 thousand rubles and the first payment will make about 90 thousand rubles taking the insurance payments, registration and transport tax into account”.