12 February 2010, Friday, 14:26

Scientists RB have taken part in the all-Russian congress of folklore scientists

author: Alfia Agliullina

Scientists of folklore from our Republic have taken part in the II all-Russian congress of folklore scientists in Moscow. The staff of the Bashkir delegation consisted of the Academician Gaisa Khusainov, the leading researcher of the Institute of history, language and literature RB Rosalia Sultangareeva, doctors of philology Miras Idelbaev, Boris Akhmetshin, Giniat Kunafin, the chief folklore specialist of the Republican Arts and Crafts Center Gulgina Baimurzina and others.

Questions concerned with the investigation, teaching and reconstruction of the traditional art culture in modern conditions and with the role of mass-media in propaganda of cultural heritage were under discussion at the congress. The II all-Russian congress of folklore specialists was organized by the State Republican Russian Folklore Center with the assistance of Ministry of culture RF and about 1000 researchers and folklore practitioners from 89 Russian regions and 14 countries have taken part in it: from Abkhazia, Byelorussia, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Canada and other countries.

themes: folk art