11 February 2010, Thursday, 17:05

Demographic situation in Bashkortostan becomes better

author: Elena Makushina

55720 babies have born in Republic of Bashkortostan in 2009 – 1227 kids more than in 2008. The index of birth rate has grown up to 13,7 pro mil. Death rate reduced by 3,6%. First time for the last years the natural growth of population is registered. According to preliminary estimations the index of infantile death rate made 7 kids per 1000 born alive – by 25,5% lower than in 2008 and by 14% lower than in Russia in a whole, Minister of health protection RB Andre Evsukov reported at the meeting of the interdepartmental council for family protection, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood under Government RB. The top priority national project “Health” has also played its role in improvement of the general demographic situation in the Republic. In particular, allocation of the additional finances within the frames of the sub-program “Birth certificate” has positively influenced on quality and efficiency of the medical care of pregnant women and new-born babies.