11 February 2010, Thursday, 15:17

Bashkortostan’s authorities intend to raise the family prestige

author: Elmira Sabirova

The Republican program “Family” will be developed in the region by the instructions of Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev, the deputy Prime-Minister of Government RB, Minister of labor and social protection RB Fidus Yamaltdinov reported at the meeting of the interdepartmental council under Government RB for protection of family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood.

“ It is well known that the presence of housing, health, employment , good wages and full packet of social services and social support are the necessary factors for social well-being of every family” – Fidus Yamaltdinov said – “This program is called to solve all these problems”.

The aims the authors of the program set before themselves presume consolidation of the family status as the main institute in the society, propaganda of family values and close interaction between state , municipal and other systems and services, called to contribute to consolidation of the family status in Republic of Bashkortostan.

The most important attention in the project is paid to improvement of living conditions for the families, having children, through the rise of the house-building volumes, accessibility of housing and communal services in accordance with solvent demand of citizens.

One more important item is perfection of the conditions for protection of health of both parents and children, creation of favorable conditions for birth and upbringing, prevention of infant sickness rate, infant death rate and formation of motivation to healthy way of life among citizens.

In a whole the program’s system of arrangements consists of seven divisions and meant for 2010-2012.