11 February 2010, Thursday, 11:18

Archbishop Nikon addressed himself to the Christian flock on the eve of the Lent

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The Archbishop of Ufa and Sterlitamac Nikon has addressed himself to the Christian population of our Republic on the eve of the Lent, which starts on February 15 this year.

“Dear fathers, brothers and sisters” – said in the message – “For all Christian believers the saving days of the Lent begin soon. The Lent is set in the memory about the 40-day Lent of Jesus Christ and the Russian Orthodox Church traditionally allocates the one tenth of the year for it. The lent is the time of prayers and confession. It stands for the abstention from food and various amusements. The reasonable Lent leads to renovation of human organism but it doesn’t give positive results without spiritual exercises, so one has to devote the Lent time to the prayers and to receiving of the communion, confession and enlightenment. The Lent is traditionally accompanied with the confession and administration of the Lord’s Supper because it is considered the receiving of the communion gives great spiritual power to the Christians. People have to prepare for the confession, recollect their sins and to change their way of life before the God”.

themes: religion