10 February 2010, Wednesday, 16:02

A play by Woody Allen has been added to repertoire of the Bashkir State Drama Theatre

author: Alfiya Agliullina

The repertoire of the Majit Gafuri Bashkir State Academic Drama Theatre is constantly replenished with plays of foreign playwrights. Thus, the performance "Good Morning, Anid!.." by the play of the legendary Woody Allen "The Floating Light Bulb" will soon go on the Small stage of the theatre. The first night of the performance about the unaccomplished showbiz "celebrity", the outstanding magician will take place on February 26-27.

The director of the new experimental production of the Bashkir Drama Theatre is Narkas Iskandarova, the stage director of New Moscow Drama Theatre, who came to Ufa at the invitation of Airat Abushakhmanov. Her assistants are the artist Ruslan Mugalimov, the choreographer Anna Milovatskaya, the composer Yulai Uzyanbaev, the trick trainer Radik Ismagilov, the singing teacher Irene Ostin.

According to the press service of the theatre, the coming first night is timed to the jubilee of the famous stage masters — Elvira Yunusova and Khamit Yarullin.

It is worth saying that Narkas Iskandarova is our compatriot. She was born in Bashkortostan, but studied and works in Moscow. At the same time, the young director does not forget about her native Bashkortostan. Several years ago, she staged the performance "Let's fly!" in the Nur Ufa State Tatar Theatre.