10 February 2010, Wednesday, 15:57

Filters of “Hydraulics” for aircrafts of a new generation are approved by specialists

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The Ufa’s aggregate enterprise “Hydraulics” takes part in designing and manufacturing of the aircrafts with the engines of the fifth generation for the needs of Russian Air Forces and designing and production of the oil filters for these engines is one of the main directions in this sphere.

Some days ago the pre-production model of the aircraft t-50 with the filters of “Hydraulics” has been successfully tested. The design manager of “Hydraulics” Dmitry Tuck reports that about 20 names of the wares, produced by the enterprise from Ufa are used in the aircrafts of the fifth generation and all these units correspond to the highest quality standards.

It should be noted that from the very beginning of the development work the fighter T-50 is called the promising aviation front line aviation complex (PAK FA). This is the supersonic fighter of the fifth generation and it is planned to be added to the arsenal of Russian Air Forces in 2015.