04 February 2010, Thursday, 16:53

Orthodox Christians mark the Day of Holy Apostle Timothy

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The Russian Orthodox Christian Church marks the Day of the Holy Apostle Timothy today and this saint, who had been martyred for Jesus Christ in 80 AD is revered by the adherents of other directions in Christianity too.

According to the legend the Holy Apostle Timothy had been born in the Lycaon town of Listra, modern Turkey, and adopted Christianity in 52 AD. The legend says that the Holy Apostle Paul visited the Lycaon towns that time. He had healed the lame boy in Listra and after that many citizens of the town, including Timothy, who was a young man that time, adopted Christianity. Later Timothy has become a student and a fellow traveler of the Holy Apostle Paul. Since 65 AD he had become the bishop of the church in Ephesus, which he was governing during 16 years, until he has been martyred here from the hands of the pagans, who celebrated their feast and walked around the town with the idols in their hands. Timothy tried to stop these processions but was stoned by the pagans. Originally Timothy had been buried in Ephesus but in the IV century his remains were brought to Constantinople, to the Holy Apostles Church. Since then Timothy is considered one of the most respected Apostles in the Christian world.

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