03 February 2010, Wednesday, 15:18

The program for pig-farming development is worked up in Bashkortostan

author: Galya Nabieva

The agricultural complex RB holds leading positions in Volga federal district by all main production indices and thanks to the support of the Republican leadership the livestock of cattle and production of milk and meat was substantially increased for the last years. Our Republic successfully develops federal and Republican programs for state support of different branches in agriculture and development of pig-farming is considered one of the prior directions. Certain turns for the better have occurred in this branch already now.

“On January 1 the livestock of pigs in the Republic (all categories of farmings) made 595,6 thousand heads – by 2,6% more than in 2009” – the deputy Minister of agriculture RB Rustam Zainullin said to journalists – “The agricultural enterprises keep 191 thousand heads, private farmings – 357,7 thousand and peasant farmings – 46,9 thousand. The growth of the livestock on all categories of farmings made almost 5% as compared with the previous year”.

Farmings in 44 regions of Bashkortostan occupy themselves with pig-farming and the largest number of pigs is observed in Sterlitamacsky, Belebeevsky, Meleuzovsky, Ilishevsky, Yanaulsky and Duvansky regions.