03 February 2010, Wednesday, 11:49

The sport hymn of “Queen” will sound in Bashkir language

author: Alfia Agliullina

In the honor of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver-2010 and as a sign of support of the Russian national team the musicians from different regions of the country sang the famous composition of “Queen” – “WE are the Champions” – every in his own manner and own language. The honorable artist RB, the leader of the folklore-pop band “DALAN” Arthur Tuktagulov has sung this song in Bashkir language.

The groups from Mordvinia, Karelia, Yakutia, Tatarstan and Altai introduced their versions of the famous song. This unprecedented Olympic project was launched by the Russian State TV-Radio Corporation two years ago as a sign of support of Russian sportsmen in Beijing.

“Though our activity lays too far from professional sport activity but we like and respect all sportsmen for their titanic labor, so we joined the project with “We are the Champions” with pleasure. We are happy to support the national team of Russia at least somehow” – Arthur Tuktagulov said.