02 February 2010, Tuesday, 17:02

2930,7 thousand tons of grain have been gathered in Bashkortostan in 2009

author: Galya Nabieva

In spite of the drought the Republican grain-growers have managed to receive 2930,7 thousand tons of grain in 2009.

Rather good indices were observed in plant cultivation: 124,9 thousand tons of sunflower seeds, 1161,6 thousand tons of sugar-beet, 1400,4 thousand tons of potato and 385,2 thousand tons of vegetables have been gathered last year. As compared with 2008 the sugar-beet harvest is better by 4,4% , potato harvest – by 16,2% and vegetables – by 15%.

The main share of grain (85,6%), sugar-beet-90%) and sunflower seeds (80,5%) is cultivated by the agricultural organizations and the private sector leads in production of potato (93,9%) and vegetables (73,5%).

themes: agriculture