02 February 2010, Tuesday, 11:10

Art exhibition of Rinat Achmetov to be opened at the National Museum RB

author: Alfia Agliullina

The art exhibition of Ufa painter Rinat Achmetov, called “My Wonderful Republic”, will be opened at the National Museum RB on February 3. The exposition is devoted to the Republic Year in Bashkortostan.

Today Rinat Achmetov is considered one of the most demanded landscape painters. His works are demonstrated at the Bashkir State Art Museum by Michael Nesterov, at Ufa Art Gallery, State Council RB, the National Bank RB and in private collections abroad – in the USA, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Serbia etc. The painter’s works decorate the collections of Russian Prime-Minister Vladimir Putin, President RB Murtaza Rakhimov, President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev, President of France Nicolas Sarkozy and other outstanding public and political activists.

Since 1986 Rinat Achmetov works as a restorer of oil painting at the Art Museum by Michael Nesterov.

themes: exhibitions