01 February 2010, Monday, 10:27

Population RB has increased by 8,5 thousand people in 2009

author: Galya Nabieva

At the beginning of 2010 the population of Bashkortostan made 4065,8 thousand people by preliminary estimations. The Bashkir State Statistics Committee reports that as compared with the beginning of 2009 the population RB has increased by 8,5 thousand people.

The growth of death rate and reduction of death rate was observed in 2009. Our Republic leads in Volga federal district by natural population growth and holds the second place by birth rate and death rate. Republic of Bashkortostan is considered one of the most favorable Russian regions by its demographic indices.

In 2009 55,7 thousand babies have been born in the Republic – by 2,2% more than in 2008, and death rate made 53,4 thousand people – by 4,0% less. For the first time for the last 16 years birth rate in the Republic has exceeded death rate and the natural population growth made 2,3 thousand people.