29 January 2010, Friday, 16:49

The first lot of “Halal” meat is manufactured in Bashkortostan

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The first lot of “Halal” meat, manufactured in Bashkortostan, entered the market – the meat production, which fully corresponds to “Halal” standards, is launched at the meat-packing plant in Durtulinsky region RB.

As the head of the “Halal” committee under the Clerical Muslim Dept RB Ilshat Gizatullin reported, at present time the plant produces only sausages and semi-manufactured products but in the future the assortment of “Halal” output can be widened. The first kilograms of “Halal” meat are already sold out in the town of Durtuli and Durtulinsky region and in the nearest future the meat will be delivered for Ufa.

“The meat-packing plant in Durtuli has become the first enterprise in Bashkortostan, which beef is certified in accordance with the “Halal” standards” – Ilshat Gizatullin said – “Before that only the poultry farms possessed such certificates”.