29 January 2010, Friday, 14:17

Track skeleton production workshop is opened in the village Raevsky

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov, Nikolai Ermolenko | photo: Raif Badykov

Opening of the workshop for production of track skeleton has taken place today in the village Raevsky, Alsheevsky region RB. President RB Murtaza Rakhimov, Minister of building, architecture and transport RB Ravil Ibatullin, the head of Kuibyshev railroad – the daughter company of JSC “Russian Railways” Sergey Kobzev and the head of the Kuibyshev railroad’s Bashkir division Vladimir Buchelnikov took part in this solemn event.

“Putting this workshop into exploitation we solve many problems not just of the Bashkir division but of the whole Kuibyshev railroad, strengthening its material and technical base” – Murtaza Rakhimov said – “Besides, the tenement for the railroad workers is erected too and we are happy to hear that the leadership of the enterprise intends to continue house-building here”.

President RB thanked the leadership of “Russian Railways” for having made the decision to erect this workshop in Bashkortostan. Opening of the workshop in the village allows making additionally 142 workplaces. At present time there are only ten stations for production of the track skeleton in Russia. According to the program, offered by JSC Russian Railways” the number of such stations have to reach 25 by 2016. The workshop, opened in Bashkortostan is the first one in the line and the whole Kuibyshev railroad possesses just two such enterprises for today.