27 January 2010, Wednesday, 18:13

Holding of the all-Russian population census-2010 is the prior aim for Bashkir Statistics Committee

author: Galya Nabieva

Preparation and holding of the all-Russian population census-2010 is one of the prior aims for the Republican statisticians. Citizens of Russia will be enumerated in October 14-25 and it was the topic of today’s enlarged meeting of the Bashkir Statistics Committee.

At present time the specification of the lists and borders of the territorial-administrative units and municipal formations is over and the special commissions, responsible for preparation and holding of the census, are already actively working under municipal administrations and administrations of city districts.

The success of the census depends on training of the personnel and on supplying them with all necessary conditions for work. Organizational planning is one of the nearest aims for the Bashkir statisticians now. It is necessary to work up, consider and approve the organizational plans for 54 regions, 21 towns and seven districts of Ufa. After that the summary organizational plan for holding of the census in Bashkortostan will be formed and the Federal State Statistics Service has to approve it.