27 January 2010, Wednesday, 16:10

Various aspects of preparation for the III World Bashkir Kurultay were discussed at the field meeting

author: Ramil Rakhmatov

The field meeting of the World Bashkir Kurultay executive committee has taken place in the village BOLSHEUSTIKINSKOE – the regional center of MECHETLINSKY region RB with participation of the chairmen of the regional Bashkir kurultays, deputies of heads of regional administrations on social questions, the heads of Bashkir kurultays from Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovks regions and local lore specialists.

Various aspects of the preparation for the forthcoming III World all-Bashkir Kurultay (Congress) were discussed by the participants of the meeting. The chairman of the World Bashkir Kurultay executive committee Azamat Galin urged Republican municipalities and local Bashkir communities to be more active in preparation for the World Kurultay.

Participants of the meeting have negatively responded to the idea concerning consolidation of the Russian regions, ventilated by some deputies of the State Duma RF. The Republican public community considers these questions mustn’t be solved by lobbyists but have to be submitted for wide discussion by all nations of Russia.