26 January 2010, Tuesday, 11:07

Bashkortostan gives an account to the Fund for assistance to housing-communal services reforming

author: Galya Nabieva

Ministry of housing-communal services RB introduced the report about realization of the regional programs on capital repair of tenements and resettlement of citizens from the slum dwelling fund and about execution of the terms on provision of financial support in 2009 to the Fund for assistance to housing-communal services reforming.

The introduced documentation will be considered by the officials of the Fund till February 15. Specialists of the Republican Ministry of housing-communal services are found in Moscow now for presentation of the report. Bashkortostan actively joins the realization of the abovementioned programs and thus figures on the additional bonuses. In 2009 Bashkortostan has received 6,02 billion rubles on the Fund’s programs plus 1,4 billion have been appropriated by the Republican budget. Thanks to that 539 tenements have been capitally repaired and 313 slum houses have been redeveloped. 91139 citizens of the Republic have improved their living conditions.