26 January 2010, Tuesday, 10:38

Agents of innovational activity may figure on subsidies

author: Lubov Kolokolova

Ministry of industry and external economic relations RB announced the contest on the choice of the agents of innovational activity in Republic of Bashkortostan for subsidizing of the interest rates on the credits, given to the agents.

The selection is made in accordance with the Republican goal-oriented innovational program and with the order of subsidizing of interest rates on the credits, meant for innovational enterprises.

Subsidizing is provided at the rate of ½ of the Russian Central Bank’s refinancing rate.

As the Ministry of industry and external economic relations RB reports, the claims for participation in the contest are estimated on the following criteria: the novelty of an innovational project, its market advantages, the possibility to attract investments or the volume of already attracted investments, the presence of intellectual property (patenting, licensing) in the course of realization of the innovational project, economic efficiency, the increase of tax intakes to the Republican budget, social significance of the project (new workplaces, new enterprises).