25 January 2010, Monday, 11:20

27 Republican investment projects introduced to Russian Ministry of agriculture

author: Galya Nabieva

Bashkir agrarians introduced the documentation on 27 investment projects of 16 Republican agricultural enterprises with the necessary volumes of credits more than 12 billion rubles to Russian Ministry of agriculture. According to information of Ministry of agriculture RB the execution of these projects will allow opening 1250 new workplaces.

In addition to that the new investment projects were worked up for realization in 2010 too and the sums of necessary credit means make more than 14 billion rubles. 15 new Republican projects are aimed at development of milk and meat production, cattle-breeding, pig- and poultry-farming. Three investment beginnings are dealt with further development of poultry-farming and the same number of projects will be directed to development of milk cattle-breeding.

For the last years 37 cattle-breeding objects have been reconstructed and modernized in Bashkortostan. The first and the second turns of “The Bashkir poultry-farm by M Gafuri” were put into operation in 2009. The second turn of the MAXIMOVSKY pig-farm in Birsky region is RB is also put into operation as well as several other agricultural objects in three regions RB.