22 January 2010, Friday, 11:03

Grain areas will be slightly increased in Bashkortostan in 2010

author: Galya Nabieva

The Ministry of agriculture RB determined the structure of sown areas in 2010 and in accordance with the scheme grain and leguminous cultures will occupy 1857 thousand hectares this year – this is 101% to the level-2009.

Industrial crops will cover 202,9 thousand hectares (101%), including sugar beet – on 59 thousand hectares and sunflower – on 130 thousand hectares.

The areas for potato and vegetables won’t be changed. In order to get stable grain harvest at the level of 4-4,3 million tons in 2010 it is necessary to lay at least 25kg of fertilizers per one hectare and as for sugar beet it is necessary to lay 50kg per one hectare. 100kg on one hectare have to be laid under industrial crops. Agronomists recommend using at least 95 thousand tons of fertilizers to raise the soil’s fertility in 2010, i.e. one has to lay 30kg of fertilizers on every hectare.

themes: agriculture