19 January 2010, Tuesday, 18:08

Most popular names of the last year were Karina and Arsen

author: Elmira Sabirova

55 882 children were born in Bashkortostan last year. According to Ramilya Yumaguzhina, the head of the Civil Registry Office of the RB Ministry of Justice, our republic takes the first place by the birth rate in Volga Federal District and the 19th place in the Russian Federation.

435 twins and 8 triplets came into the world in Bashkortostan last year. By the way, newborn boys exceed girls in number (28 710 and 27 172 respectively).

The number of the registered marriages has also grown for 5.2% as compared with the previous year. 34 368 couples married in 2009.

Acording to Rimma Yumaguzhina, the most popular names in 2009 were Karina, Alina, Diana, Arsen, Vladimir and Alexander.