19 January 2010, Tuesday, 17:16

Five agricultural enterprises of Bashkortostan joined the club “Agro-300”

author: Galya Nabieva

Every year the all-Russian Institute of agrarian problems and information science by A.A. Nikonov composes the rate of the largest agricultural producers in Russia. Not long ago it has published the lists of 300 most efficient agricultural enterprises in 2006-2008. The selection was held among 8,5 thousand big and medium agricultural organizations in Russian Federation.

The list of Top100 includes two enterprises from Bashkortostan. The poultry farm “BASHKIRSKAYA” holds the 56th position in the rate. In 2009 it occupied the 55th place. The farm’s earnings for the last three years made 986153 thousand rubles and the farm’s net profit for the same period of time – 170722 thousand rubles. The state farm “ALEKSEEVSKY” holds the 64th line with the earnings equal to 807488 thousand rubles and net profit – 156760 thousand.

The state farm “ROSHINSKY” (151st position) and the poultry farm “TURBASLINSKY Broilers” (177th place) are found in the second hundred.

It is interesting to know that the staff of the club “Agro” was substantially renewed. “Agro-300” includes farmings of different branches but the representatives of poultry farming prevail in the list and experts call high business activity of the top managers and strict observation of labor and technological regulations the main factors of success.