18 January 2010, Monday, 18:04

Foreign students of Kazan State University came to Ufa

author: Elmira Sabirova

On the threshold of the Student's Day in Russia representatives of Korean students of Kazan State University visited the Akmulla Teachers' Training University. Within the framework of a social visit, they met with the foreigners studying Russian in our University.

The vice-chancellors of the University Raisa Khairullina and Almaz Mustaev told the guests about the international cooperation, work with foreign students on different departments and preliminary courses and participation of young people in the university life. The students themselves found common topics of conversation easily. They exchanged contacts, spoke about students' life and traditions of the universities they study in.

The students of the musical department of the Pedagogics Institute under the Bashkir State Teachers' Training Institution showed the guests the Bashkir national art by performing Bashkir tunes on kurai (a sort of flute) and button accordion. Besides, students of the preliminary Russian language courses also participated in the concert — they sang songs in Arab, Turkish and Afghan languages. Korean students demonstrated their national dance with fans, Wushu wrestling and played folk instrumen

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