18 January 2010, Monday, 16:30

Kuibyshev railroad transported 59 million tons of freights in 2009

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The Kuibyshev railroad transported more than 59 million tons of freights and that exceeded the pre-planned indices by 0,5%.

The PR-service of the Kuibyshev railroad reports the railroad transported more than 34,6 million tons of oil and oil products in 2009 – 182 thousand tons more than in 2008. Besides, about 4,5 million tons of chemicals and soda, 3,7 million tons of building materials, four million tons of industrial raw materials and 2,5 million tons of fertilizers were transported by the railroad last year.

In December 2009 the shipment reached the maximal peak as compared with the same period of time in 2008. On average the growth made about 13% on practically all groups of freights. Specialists make rather optimistic forecasts on 2010.

The Bashkir division of the Kuibyshev railroad traditionally stands among the leaders by transportation of freights especially in sphere of transportations of oil and oil products.