18 January 2010, Monday, 15:31

The guest from Moscow noted the changes in the Republican look and the achievements in the local self-government reform

author: Nikolai Ermolenko | photo: Andrey Starostin

“For the last time I’ve been in Republic of Bashkortostan 14 years ago” – the chairman of the Russian Union of political scientists Nikolai Medvedev said to journalists during the break in work of today’s local self-government seminar – “Now I am greatly surprised with that progress and those changes in the Republican look, which can be seen already on the way to the city from the airport”.

The guest also pointed to the high achievements, reached by Bashkortostan in sphere of local self-government: “Just compare such figures: there are about one thousand municipalities in Bashkortostan and just 22 thousand in Russia in a whole. The goal of local self-government is to make the authority closer to people and I think the structure, created in Bashkortostan is more efficient as compared with other Russian regions”.