15 January 2010, Friday, 14:16

New cars filled up the fleet of Bashkir police

author: Lia Nagimova | photo: Oleg Yarovikov

The motor car park of Ministry of internal affairs in RB is filled up with new cars. Before the beginning of the enlarged gathering of the Ministry’s Collegium the head of the rear department of Russian Ministry of internal affairs Vladimir Lukianov presented ten cars and the armored personal carrier “BTR-80” to the Republican police department.

“The authority of Russian Ministry of internal affairs positively estimated the work of Bashkir police” – Vladimir Lukianov said – “Therefore, taking the achieved results into account, it is decided to present this transport to the Bashkir police department in addition to the cars, allocated in 2009. We hope it will help you to improve the indices of your activity in the future”.

At present time more than 30 various models of special cars are adopted by Russian Ministry of internal affairs and these machines are purchased on the tender basis within the frames of the public contracts. About 120 machines have been delivered for Bashkortostan in 2009 and about 200 will be presented this year according to Vladimir Lukianov.