14 January 2010, Thursday, 11:15

Stable growth of birth rate is observed in Sterlitamac

author: Anisa Abdullina

3937 babies have been born in the town of Sterlitamac in 2009. Besides, the lowering of natural losses anticipates population growth and speaks about improvement of the demographic situation in the town.

Stable growth of birth rate is observed for the last three years. 3337 births have been registered in 2007 and 3651 – in 2008.

2218 new families have been formed in the town – 89 couples more than in 2008, the Sterlitamac’s civilian registry office reports.

It should be mentioned that the federal law in accordance with which one may direct the means of the motherhood (family) capital to repayment of the hypothec credits ahead of the schedule came into effect from January 1, 2010, and some families in the town already used this chance.

themes: demography