12 January 2010, Tuesday, 13:54

3,5 thousand people will be occupied with population census-2010 in Ufa

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

About 3,5 thousand copyists will be required for holding the all-Russian population census-2010 on the territory of Ufa, the head of Ufa administration state statistics department Valentine Sotnichenko reported today.

“The importance of the population census can hardly be overestimated” – he said – “This is the invaluable endowment to the history of the state because only thanks to the census we can obtain the most precise and true data about population and its staff in the country, its economical and social characteristics. Besides, the census is a contribution to the history of our planet as well because on the base of the national censuses, held by different states, the UNO forms the general data about population of the Earth”.

The work on preparation for the census began in Ufa still in 2008. Special commission, responsible for preliminary preparations for the census was established in Ufa in August 2008 and recruiting of the authorized census agents started in February 2009. It is expected the main mass of the copyists will be formed from the students and pedagogues of Ufa’s institutes and district activists will be the heads of the census stations.