30 December 2009, Wednesday, 10:19

Operation “Elm” is conducted in Bashkortostan

author: Lia Nagimova

On the eve of the New Year holidays the operation “Elm” is conducted in Bashkortostan and New Year fairs and the afforestations are found under close watch of the Republican policemen. About 100 illegal cuttings have been revealed for today.

“We form special mobile groups of policemen and specialists from Ministry of forestry RB for patrolling the uninhabited woodlands” – the news-service of Ministry of internal affairs RB reported – “Nearly three thousand employees of the law-enforcement bodies RB are involved in this activity all over the Republic now”.

Not long ago the fact of illegal cutting was revealed in the course of the operation “Elm” in Beloretsky region of Bashkortostan. Local citizen has sold 190 elms to a buyer from the neighboring region. As it was turned out all elms were cut illegally. In this case the criminal proceedings will be instituted against this woman.