27 December 2009, Sunday, 13:56

Stock market remains active

author: Ravil Ramazanov

The ongoing week started with high but inclined to lowering USD exchange rate with regard to Russian ruble and with the news about the rise of oil prices in the world markets more than 74 USD for one barrel. One should expect that these important factors will positively influence upon the state of Russian stock market.

At the beginning of the week The Russian stock market faced no fluctuations. But by Wednesday the situation was abruptly changed. The oil cost reached 76 dollars. The RTS index reached 1450 points and failed to reach the absolute maximum in 2009 by just 26 points.

In spite of a certain slump, having occurred on Thursday, the Russian stock market still preserves its once won positions. The indices demonstrated certain growth within the limits of 4-5%. It is very important that the world oil prices went on growing during the whole week, exceeding 76 dollars for one barrel.

The interest in the shares of Bashkir issuers in RTS system was unfortunately rather low. Transactions with the shares of JSC “NOVOIL”, JSC “UFAORGSINTEZ”, JSC “Ufa Refinery” and JSC “Soda” were shutdown. Shares of JSC “BASHKIRNEFTEPRODUCT”, JSC “UMPO”, JSC “BASHKIRENERGO” and JSC “BELORETSKY metallurgical plant” faced no demand. At the same time the cost of shares of JSC “BASHINFORMSVYAZ” started to grow up because of certain interest.

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