25 December 2009, Friday, 11:12

The staff of Russian Public Chamber is formed

author: Nikolai Ermolenko

The elections of the last one third of Russian Public Chamber’s members from regional and interregional public organizations have taken place on December 24.  The already elected members of the Chamber considered the candidatures, offered by the participants of the conferences, held in seven federal districts. They had to elect six members from every federal district.

The list of pretenders from Volga federal district included Rashida Sultanova – a member of the Public Chamber RB and the chairman of the Union of Women RB. Unfortunately she wasn’t included into the list of six elected members from Volga federal district. Therefore there will be no representative of Bashkortostan in the Russian Public Chamber of the third convocation. The chairman of the Trade-Union Federation RB Amirkhan Samirkhanov was present in the first and in the second staffs of the Chamber. It should be noted that 126 members of Russian Public Chamber, elected by three different ways, have to “provide the agreement of publicly substantial interests of citizens RF, public communities, state bodies and local self-government for solution of the most important questions of economic and social development, provision of national security and protection of human rights and liberties in Russian Federation, the constitutional system and democratic principles of civil society development in Russian Federation”.