24 December 2009, Thursday, 16:37

Dmitry Medvedev: “2009 was rather bloodless for us”

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Russians paid not much for crisis 2009. This the opinion of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, expressed by him in live broadcast today.

“In spite of the crisis 2009 turned out to be rather easy for us” -  he said – “Now we may say with certainty the Russian economics managed to stand and we managed to do three main things: first, we provided stability of all social payments and raised pensions. The work in this direction will be continued in 2010. Second, we managed to preserve financial stability, provided stability of Russian ruble and put Russian bank and credit spheres into order. And third, we managed to support and preserve our system-forming enterprises, having avoided their imminent bankruptcy.

Inflation in 2009 made just 9% in Russia, while in 2008 it was equal to 13%/

“At the same time our GDP reduced by approximately 8,7% in 2009” – President of Russia said – “But I am sure in 2010 we’ll observe its growth by 2,5-5%”.

Along with the undoubted positive changes the ongoing year left many still unsolved problems: unemployment, dependence of Russian economics upon foreign raw material export and great number of weak and uncompetitive enterprises all over the country.

“It is necessary to introduce innovational technologies to make our goods competitive and demanded both inside the country and abroad” – the President of Russia thinks. But the work in this direction still runs too slowly.